Farm Animals
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Day 1
–  Hatched on Monday, 3/28/2011
–  Arrived at Post Office Wed, 3/30 at 8:00 AM
–  Shipped from Murry McMurry
Hatchery, Iowa
Initial Venture:  Duck / Goose Project
Day 14  (2 weeks old)
–  Moved from a 3'x3' box in basement of the
house to the barn with larger house and pen
– Heat requirements are reduced in weeks  3/4,
after 4 weeks they can do well in most weather
Purchased 10 birds
– 8 - Jumbo Pekin Ducks - White
– 2 - Emden Geese (male & femle) - White
6 Weeks
– Moved to new Pen with heavy welded wire surround and top — predator proof
– Well feathered with little yellow fuzz remaining
– Eating less food with availability of grass and ground
– Female goose getting large with some gray feathers,  should be all white when fully mature.
Egg Comparison — Goose, Duck, Chicken
–  Goose will begin laying in February and produce
40-50 eggs per year
–  Ducks begin laying at 5 months
1 Year
– Ducks laying eggs daily
– Female goose began laying February (~40 per year)
Male Goose (Gander)
– Getting big and constantly guards the flock
– He can be a bit nasty
New Geese Addition - hatched on 6/27/2012
One week old
Six weeks old
Two male alpacas
–  Arrived at the farm on 6/22/2013
–  Both are 1 year old
–  The black one is "Max", the fawn
one (light color) is  "Frankie"
We decided to start a new pet project with two male Alpaca from "Beckon Mornings Farm -
Thompson, CT.  This breeder has 225 Alpacas and operates a very well run business.

Our plan is to experience care and handling and if all goes well, we may get females and
raise some of our own.
Ducks / Geese
Background on initial Duck/Goose venture
Alfred - is a Nigerian Dwarf Wether (Neutered
Male), 4 years old.  He is a herd animal and is
content living with the Alpacas.  He would not
do well alone.
Alfred likes jumping into the hay feed bin.  
Sometimes we catch him knapping there.
Another Wether 8 months old
will arrive in late August.